About Harlequin


Harlequin was created by Ted Conbeer in 2023.


Harlequin is a SQL IDE for DuckDB, SQLite, and other databases that runs in your Terminal.

A harlequin is also a pretty duck.


Harlequin is written in Python, using the Textual framework.

Harlequin is free and open-source software, licensed to you under the MIT License. You can find the source on GitHub.


Harlequin has been featured around the internet:

  • Hacker News, where the v1.0 announcement peaked at #2 on the front page, and the adapters release peaked at #10.
  • Terminal Trove, where Harlequin was featured as the Terminal Tool of the Week in January, 2024.
  • Textualize.io, where Harlequin is a featured project, highlighting the capabilities of the framework.
  • ilSoftware, where Harlequin was covered alongside DuckDB.