Portable, powerful, colorful.

An easy, fast, and beautiful database client for the terminal.

A screenshot showing the interface and features of Harlequin.

Runs Anywhere.

Any shell, any terminal, any machine. Fish in tmux on Alpine over SSH? Sure. Windows cmd? Yep.

Works with Your Database.

Whether in-process, local, or in the cloud, Harlequin makes it easy to explore your data.

More coming soon. Don't see your database here? Open an issue or create your own adapter.

Does SQL IDE Stuff.

The features you'd expect from an IDE, delightfully running right in your terminal.

  • Data Catalog

    View tables, columns, and their types across one or more attached databases.

  • Query Editor

    A full-featured editor: open, save, format, cut, copy, paste, and more. Supports multiple tabbed buffers!

  • Results Viewer

    View up to 10k results in an interactive table. Multiple queries loaded into separate tabs.

  • Full Screen

    Need more room? Press F10 to view the Editor or Results in full-screen mode.

  • Results Export

    Export query results and configure the export using a helpful UI.

Looks nice.

Choose from dozens of styles.

Join the Flock.

Thousands are using Harlequin. Join them with pipx install harlequin.

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