Selecting an Adapter

Harlequin uses adapter plug-ins as a generic interface to any database. Harlequin ships with adapters for DuckDB (the default) and SQLite; additional adapters can be installed by installing additional pip packages in the same virtual environment as Harlequin, or by installing Harlequin while specifying extras.

To select an adapter other than DuckDB, you use the --adapter option (alias -a) at the command-line:

$ harlequin -a sqlite

Each adapter has its own configuration options, detailed in their own section in these docs. Harlequin --help option will dynamically include the options for all installed adapters so you can easily reference them.

Core Adapters

Core adapters are created and maintained by the maintainers of Harlequin.

Community Adapters

Community adapters are created and maintained by other members of the Harlequin community. To add your adapter to this list, please open a PR.