Windows Timezone Database

Unlike other operating systems, Windows does not ship with an IANA-format timezone database.

Harlequin uses the Apache Arrow data format to power its results viewer, and Arrow needs a timezone database to operate on ā€œtimestamp with timezoneā€ (timestamptz) data types, even to cast them to strings! See the Arrow Docs for more information.

At startup on Windows, Harlequin tries to find an IANA timezone database. If it cannot, it will attempt to download one to a Harlequin-specific location. If the download fails, Harlequin will print an error message and exit.

To prevent Harlequin from downloading the timezone database, launch Harlequin with the --no-download-tzdata option:

$ harlequin --no-download-tzdata

When using Harlequin with this option, attempting to load a timestamptz column into the Results Viewer may cause Harlequin to crash.