Adapter: Postgres


harlequin-postgres depends on harlequin, so installing harlequin-postgres will also install Harlequin.

Using pip

To install this adapter into an activated virtual environment:

$ pip install harlequin-postgres

Using poetry

$ poetry add harlequin-postgres

Using pipx

If you do not already have Harlequin installed:

$ pipx install harlequin[postgres]

If you would like to add the Postgres adapter to an existing Harlequin installation:

$ pipx inject harlequin harlequin-postgres

As an Extra

Alternatively, you can install Harlequin with the postgres extra:

$ pip install harlequin[postgres]
$ poetry add harlequin[postgres]
$ pipx install harlequin[postgres]

Usage and Configuration

You can open Harlequin with the Postgres adapter by selecting it with the -a option and passing a Posgres DSN:

$ harlequin -a postgres "postgres://my-user:my-pass@localhost:5432/my-database"

You can also pass all or parts of the connection string as separate options. The following is equivalent to the above DSN:

$ harlequin -a postgres -h localhost -p 5432 -U my-user --password my-pass -d my-database

Many more options are available; to see the full list, run:

$ harlequin --help