Adapter: BigQuery

The BigQuery adapter was contributed by community member Josh Temple. You can view the source for the adapter on GitHub.


harlequin-bigquery depends on harlequin, so installing harlequin-bigquery will also install Harlequin.

Using pip

To install this adapter into an activated virtual environment:

$ pip install harlequin-bigquery

Using poetry

$ poetry add harlequin-bigquery

Using pipx

If you do not already have Harlequin installed:

$ pipx install harlequin-bigquery

If you would like to add the BigQuery adapter to an existing Harlequin installation:

$ pipx inject harlequin harlequin-bigquery

As an Extra

Alternatively, you can install Harlequin with the bigquery extra:

$ pip install harlequin[bigquery]
$ poetry add harlequin[bigquery]
$ pipx install harlequin[bigquery]

Usage and Configuration

You can open Harlequin with the BigQuery adapter by selecting it with the -a option and passing the --project and --location options:

$ harlequin -a bigquery --project my-gcp-project --location us-west1

See the next page for information on authentication and authorization for BigQuery.


This adapter supports the following options:

  • project: The ID of the Google Cloud project to run Harlequin against. Defaults to whatever it can infer from the user’s environment, i.e. gcloud config list project.

  • location: The location used to run the catalog queries, which must be region-qualified. Defaults to US.