You can use Harlequin with MotherDuck, just as you would use the DuckDB CLI:

$ harlequin "md:"

You can attach local databases as additional arguments (md: has to be first:)

$ harlequin "md:" "local_duck.db"

Authentication Options

  1. Web browser: Run harlequin "md:", and Harlequin will attempt to open a web browser where you can log in.
  2. Environment variable: Set the motherduck_token variable before running harlequin "md:", and Harlequin will authenticate with MotherDuck using your service token.
  3. CLI option: You can pass a service token to Harlequin with harlequin "md:" --md_token <my token>

SaaS Mode

You can run Harlequin in “SaaS Mode” by passing the md_saas option: harlequin "md:" --md_saas.