Adapter: Wherobots

This documentation is Copyright Wherobots, reproduced here under an Apache 2.0 License. See the repository for the most up-to-date documentation.

This is an adapter for Wherobots DB, using the Wherobots Spatial SQL API and its wherobots-python-dbapi-driver.


$ pip install git+


Procure an API key from Wherobots, and start Harlequin with the required parameters:

$ harlequin -a wherobots --api-key 

Alternatively, you can use your session token:

$ harlequin -a wherobots --token 

The Harlequin adapter for Wherobots will automatically start a Wherobots SQL session with the default runtime (Sedona, 4 executors) in the default Wherobots public compute region (AWS us-west-2). You can override those defaults with the --runtime and --region options, respectively:

$ harlequin -a wherobots --api-key --runtime NEW_YORK --region aws-us-west-2

Advanced options

If your SQL session is already provisioned and running, you can force the driver to directly connect to it via its WebSocket URL:

$ harlequin -a wherobots --api-key --ws-url 

You can also specify the base hostname of the Wherobots stack to interact with. By default, the driver connects to, the official public Wherobots service. You may want or need to use,, or another local target during development.

$ harlequin -a wherobots --api-key